2019 Annual China One Belt and One Road Investment and M&A Roadshow

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Created on:2019-10-17 13:05


Seize Your Best Overseas Investment Opportunities to Succeed in the Global Market


October 22 Beijing, October 23 Shenzhen, October 25 Shanghai, October 28 Hefei





Driven by major factors such as "Belt and Road" construction and international capacity cooperation, China's foreign direct investment has grown rapidly, especially as global capital flows slowly, Chinese enterprises has maintained a strong growth momentum in overseas investment.


China's non-financial OFDI in the first quarter of 2019 was US$25.21 billion, decrease 1.1% than the same time in 2018, but new non-financial OFDI in the Belt and Road countries was US$3.76 billion, increase 4.2% than the same time in 2018, it was higher than the overall growth rate.


The concentration industry for overseas mergers and acquisitions has been further enhanced, with the top three popular sectors are TMT, life sciences, mining and metals, account for nearly 70% of the total investment.


However, Chinese OFDI are still in the initial stage as many M&A deals failed to go through and Chinese enterprises have learned bitter lessons over recent two years.



Key Topics to be Addressed


  • -German Investment Control on Chinese Outbound Investments
  • -Insurance solution to facilitate investment into Europe/Germany – Insuring Your Transaction-
  • Related Risks
  • -Excellence in Innovation – Reasons to Invest in Austria
  • -Investment in Ireland
  • -Outbound Investment in Italy
  • -Understanding Family Business and Its Opportunities - Real Case Studies
  • -China to United Kingdom Outbound M&A
  • -Belt and Road Initiative: Offshore Financing Structures
  • -Options for Outbound Investment Structure
  • -Outbound Investment in the Compliance Era
  • -Key Features of a Successful Overseas Merger & Acquisition Transaction
  • -This is Ontario: Open for business
  • -Invest in Spain – Legal Aspect
  • -U.S. Export Controls and Entity List - Impact on Chinese Enterprises
  • -The Experience Sharing – Corporate Due Diligence



Who Should Attend


CEO, CFO, President, Managing Director, Finance Director, Tax/Legal Counsel, VP of M&A and Strategic Development, Director/Manager of Business Development, Director/Manager of Strategic Investment from:

■ Machinery & Equipment

■ Automotive

■ Mining, Energy, Power & Resources

■ Manufacturing & International Trade

■ Pharmaceutical & Chemical

■ Logistics & Transportation

■ High Tech & Telecom

■ Banking & Financial Service

■ F&B, FMCG & Retail

■ Legal, Accounting, Auditing & Consultancy





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