Global Initiator Consulting Group

We Make the Deal Happens!

The Global Initiator Consulting Group is an international business consulting firm dedicated to providing global business intelligence and marketing information to help in effective strategic decision-making.
Founded in UK, The Global Initiator Consulting Group is committed to hosting major industry events, including world-class business conferences, strategic summits, industry forums, government roundtables and professional training, as well as learning and exchange opportunities in a variety of industries and professions. The Global Initiator Consulting Group maintains the highest standards of quality and service in market research, conference development and event management.
A commitment to quality and service excellence makes Global Initiator Consulting a leader in providing strategic business activities that are critical to the success of our clients in their specific industry areas and markets.

The nature of our business puts us at the forefront of global strategic markets and business change. With nearly 20 years of experience working with world top 2000 companies, Global Initiator Consulting Group is able to provide professional, highly confidential and industry-specific business intelligence and information related to global markets.